The BREM-IX offers a completely neutral peering platform for all interested networks, CDNs, hosters, access providers and more in Bremen, Germany.

With three locations ready to connect today and compelling price models, BREM-IX is a natural choice for all network operators. Create the right traffic mix for your network with BREM-IX!


All core locations are interconnected with redundant fibres.


AS Name Macro Peering-Policy Status
3624 Freifunk Bremen AS-FFHB
Open Active
6939 Hurricane Electric AS-HURRICANE
Open Active
9211 n@work AS-WORK
Open Active
13101 ennit server AS-TNG
Open Active
31334 KabelDeutschland AS-KDG
Open Active
49009 Freifunk Hamburg AS-FFRL Open Active
49855 Plutex AS-PLUTEX Open Active
50629 LWLcom AS-LWL
Open Active